REGIA Cotton (Uni & Color)

Regia Cotton is the ideal yarn for summer. The 72% cotton content makes it particularly breathable and very soft. The Elité fiber guarantees a good fit. The yarn is available in fashionable plain summer shades, as well as fresh fruit color effects such as Tutti Frutti watermelon.
REGIA Cotton Color 100g 04084 dreaming color
Fresh fruit, delicious smoothies, refreshing cocktails – this yarn celebrates the easy parts of life. Ensuring that your summer never ends... Sweet fruits for your feet - From orange to watermelon and dragon fruit, you'll definitely find something that matches your taste! REGIA Tutti Frutti Color not only looks tasty, it is also breathable and extra soft because of its high cotton content. A alternative colorful fruit basket. Due to the elite fiber, we recommend washing the socks on the left and not in the dryer.

Content: 0.1 Kilogram (€97.50* / 1 Kilogram)

Variants from €7.80*